Where the heart meets the mind...
Members of this group aide high- risk youths and adults in becoming productive members of society.

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Amie Lee's Heart, Inc.
This project is a snack bar located within Cleveland Metroparks within the Euclid Creek reservation. 

The snack bar opens May 11th and throughout May Tuesday through Sunday 4pm-8pm.

Starting in June the hours will be Tuesday through Sunday 12pm-8pm.

June 1st concerts begin every Friday  until August

Saturdays are card parties

We are working diligently to provide various activities for your enjoyment and webpage will be updated daily.

Questions call 216-609-4924.

Lady's Kitchen

The future depends on us!!!

We are a group of people who believe in second chances and we express this belief through with the services that we offer. There is no one word to describe who we are or why we do it or even what do we expect to gain. The best way to summarize is to say that we aid adults and youths through various services and programs to become productive members of society.

ALH Facility Services